The Proper Medication for Weight Loss


Losing weight can be a complex and frustrating task, but there are multiple ways to increase the chances of your success. One option is to take medication. While some major risks are associated with taking medication for weight loss, these medicines can help you lose weight and keep it off when used correct manner. One of the most trending weight loss medications is appetite suppressants. These drugs work by reducing your hunger limit and making you feel full right after eating smaller meals. This can help you eat less than before and resultantly lose weight. In addition, some of weight loss medications also help in boosting your metabolism, allowing you to burn a higher number of calories throughout the day. If you are struggling to lose weight, consult us about weight loss medication today

How It Works

Step 1

Meet your doctor via 1-on-1 video call to build the perfect plan for your weight loss journey.

Step 2

Receive detailed analysis of your blood work, looking at your biology and your family history to find the origins of the challenges you face.

Step 3

Prescribing your medications can help treat your naturally occurring cravings or even slow down your digestion.


Lose up to 15% of your body weight


90% of our members lose 7" in waist circumference


Of our members report improved life quality

Weight Loss is in Your Genes

There's no doubt in the fact that dieting is tough. But for some, it may be more challenging than the others. And the reason of it could be in their genes. A new study found that certain gene variants are linked with weight loss, making it more impenetrable for those people to slim down. Recent studies observed at the DNA of around 10,000 people who participated in a weight loss program. Researchers found that certain genetic samples were more common in people who failed to lose weight easily. These findings suggest that some of the people may be predisposed to gaining weight due to their genetics. It may not be entirely your fault if you're struggling hard to lose your weight—there are chances it could be your DNA. Most of people are not aware of the fact that their metabolism is the key factor influencing their overall weight. A slow metabolism could lead to weight gain, as the body is burning fewer calories and storing more of fat. This often happens due to genes, as some people are born with slower metabolisms than the others. However, there are few ways to overcome a slow metabolism through appropriate medications. Using certain medicines and a proper diet can help cut down the effects of slow metabolism resulting in weight loss.


A one-on-one coaching session could be helpful for anyone who is having trouble losing weight. However, those who have tried other programmes without success or who have trouble keeping to their goals may find this form of mentoring to be extremely beneficial.

Our clients average a weight loss of 15%

Only approved weight loss drugs are used including those that reduce hunger and speed up metabolism. They are known as GLP1s (glucagon like peptide - 1). The most common GLP1 that our doctors recommend is semaglutide. These organic hormones boost energy levels without causing any adverse effects that have undergone clinical testing and help you lower your set point or struggle to maintain weight.

A metabolic reset enables you to start over with how your body reacts to things like eating, exercising, sleeping, and even how you react to particular emotional stimuli. You can significantly enhance your way of life and gain better control over your health and weight by restoring metabolic homeostasis.

Our Approach Towards Weight Loss

If you're struggling with weight loss, there is nothing better than Weight Loss Coach. The reason people feel strongly connected with our program is that it is a unique program that is tailored made to your specific genetic makeup, which is proved to be successful for most people. We will help you in staying motivated on your track during your one-on-one coaching sessions with you. We will create a goal-oriented eating program that will fit your current lifestyle. In addition to that, we would prescribe GLP-1 medication to help you with weight loss if it would be appropriate. The leading force behind the popularity of this program is its structured Program, which is designed to evolve your psychology around eating patterns and habits so you can achieve your required weight loss goals. With our successful proven track record, you can deeply trust that we can help you in this entire journey too.

Contact us now and gear up.

What Makes GLP-1 Different?

GLP-1 is basically a peptide hormone that is needed in regulating glucose in metabolism. GLP-1 is secreted by the intestinal L cells when responded by food intake and action take place on the pancreas to stimulate insulin secretion. GLP-1 also decreases glucagon secretion from the pancreas, which further leads to lowered blood and sugar levels. In addition to this, GLP-1 slows down gastric emptying and promotes satiety, which helps in controlling the food intake and maintaining the body weight. GLP-1 medication is a type of drugs that are mainly used to treat weight loss and other similar conditions. GLP-1 medications reduce the amount of food intake you eat and increase the amount of energy you burn throughout the day. There are quite a few benefits to taking a GLP-1 medication. The benefits include reduced risk of heart related diseases, reduced inflammation in body and improvement in digestion and metabolism functioning. GLP-1 medications are non-stimulant and non-habit forming, making them very safe and effective for most of the people. While working on the natural receptors for GLP-1 that already exist in your body, GLP-1 in combination with Weight Loss Coaxh can help you feel much happier and healthier than before.


1. Begin taking medications as prescribed, and keep up with your regular check-ins with your coach and clinician. 2. Stay consistent with your tailored routine to help build your confidence in the process and yourself with the support of your coach. 3. Feel increased motivation and drive as you continue working towards your goals.


1. You feel comfortable and confident in the routines of your daily life. Now, if you take a break or have a cheat day, you’re excited to start your routine up again. 2. You have the strategies and the tools to thrive with your health and your lifestyle. 3. Maintained and continued weight loss and body composition changes are clearly evident


1. The biological effects of the medication have kicked in, helping you stave off past patterns. 2. By working strategically with your coach, you are developing a structure and a healthier way of living 3. Your attitude towards food has shifted, making you feel confident and capable of defeating any other challenges you’re facing.

MONTH 7-12

1. Your habits are curbed, your weight is healthy and your routine is driven by confidence and self-discipline, staying with you in difficult times as well as it does in easier ones. 2. Continued weight loss and body composition improvements will see your confidence soar and your energy increase.